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Red tape…

I sighed and glared at my Neocom. I’d just received a rather terse message from the Minmatar Republic Administration section:

From:  Minmatar Republic 
Sent: 2010.06.16 11:23 

Intercision's standing towards the Minmatar Republic faction has dropped
to 0.473378563356 which is below the minimum of 0.5. If the standing has 
not improved within 24 hours, Intercision will be expelled from the Minmatar
Republic faction. 

Meh. Just as we’d begun to settle in. My standings with the Republic were excellent, around 6 or so, as I’d spent a long time working for their agent in Frarn some time ago.

Unfortunately, it seems the new arrivals to Intercision aren’t looked on quite as favourably. Wotlankor’s standing with them was in low -3 as were a few of the others. Worse, this wasn’t taking into account the ones with bad Republic standing that weren’t taken into consideration yet. Clearly their long service with Ushra’Khan counted for squat.

I sighed again. I hated stuff like this- admin, politics and red tape. I typed up a quick Corp message making it clear that people needed to sort out their standings, pronto.

Later on, Wotlankor became available for a roam, so we took out Thrashers. These ships were great, I hadn’t flown them in ages, but they were proving to be a mainstay of Faction Warfare activity- small enough to get into all of the areas that needed capturing, but enough firepower to put up a good fight with other frigs/ destroyers and the occasional badly flown cruiser.

We roamed down into Amarr space, scanning the hard way for plexes to capture (using ship scanner rather than probe launcher), when we saw on intel that Amamake had become contested and there was a minor plex there to be recaptured. Perfect. We started back, but as we landed on the out gate, local went up by five war targets (WT). Hmm. We held on the gate, scanning every other second…when…Cynabal appears on scan. We jump out and hightail it to Amamake- it’d tear us both a new one without breaking into a sweat.

As we near Amamake, Jason Marshall who has just joined us from U’K, said he was probably going to be in trouble- a WT Vengeance and Thrasher were chasing him. He was in Vard, on the Dal gate- in a Rifter. I quickly warped over to Vard gate, Wotlankor was a few seconds ahead of me. As we transited through Vard to the Dal gate, Jason was still in one piece and I followed Wotlankor into the attack. The Vengeance warped out (shame, would’ve been interesting to fight an Assault Frigate in a destroyer), and we quickly finished the armour tanked Thrasher.

We made our way back to Amamake, where we proceeded to capture the Minor plex. At about 2 minutes left to run, a pirate Thrasher appears at about 65km from us. After a moment’s indecision when he moved away from us, then back toward us, he lit his MWD and raced in. My first thought is that he was brave taking on two Thrashers and a Rifter in a Thrasher, then I thought perhaps he was arty fitted- in which case, he could sit at 40km and plink away at us.

I didn’t like the idea of that, so when he locked me at 22km, I raced after him. He burned away directly, but I was catching him slowly, and suddenly he slowed. I overshot, but turned off MWD, and applied autocannons and scrambler as I turned sharply to keep under 9km. At the same time, he opened up on me, and the space between us was rent with hot projectiles. Wotlankor had been on the other side of the capture point in an orbit, so had more distance to close and wasn’t quite in range.

As my shields fell, I started to cross my fingers, but his shields were falling slightly faster, although not fast enough! I made sure I had EMP loaded and not Barrage, and prayed he wasn’t armour tanked. A shrill alarm sounded as my shields collapsed, but he was well into armour now and was dropping faster than me. Suddenly, his armour peeled away and structure collapsed in a heartbeat. A blue explosion filled my viewscreen then cleared. His capsule warped away quickly.

His fit was similar to mine, but I had sacrificed a Gyrostab for a Damage Control- which probably saved me. I got a NeoCom message as we captured the plex, telling me I had been promoted to ‘Spear Lieutenant’, as did Wotklankor- which meant a nice standings increase.

We captured a larger plex with no further incident in our evening of trying to curry favour with the Republic. Not the most exciting, but apparently necessary. We’d see if we’d done enough to keep them happy for another 24 hours. Damn bureaucrats.

~ by Ombey on June 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Red tape…”

  1. I never knew small ships could be so much fun, but with the restrictions on the plex’s every ship class really gets to shine.

    In 0.0 you bring the best and biggest ship that will anihilate the opponent with least effort (vaga?). But here a vaga is useless for the plex capturing of small plex.

    I entirely enjoy myself with this new flavour of combat.
    The two Thrasher kills has provided loot enought to fit a single Thrasher that will serve under the Intercision flag.

  2. Thrilling!

    If the bureaucrats aren’t happy, get them to run a plex or two and see if can handle it.

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