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I was the CEO. Weird. I had been CEO before, starting a corporation was a very easy exercise in paperwork. Tick the right boxes, fill in the right details, pay the right people and hey presto, you were a CEO. The hardest part of it all was finding a unique name, as CONCORD wouldn’t let two corps exist with the same name.

It was different this time though, as the previous time i’d been CEO it was down to me wanting to escape being back in Brutor Tribe and I had no plans to expand the corp past just me. Now, I was planning to do just that. Wotlankor, my friend since my KIA days who had followed me to U’K was going to join me once again in Intercision, as well as a few other people who’d expressed an interest. After fighting CVA and friends in Providence, we’d fight Amarrians in the lowsec badlands of Metropolis, Heimatar, Devoid and The Bleak Lands. I’d heard a lot about the fight there, the constant ping-pong of the systems as factions competed to conquer them. The wars had been dubbed Factional Warfare by the media, and it had stuck.

Although technically we could fight for whoever we wanted, I wasn’t viewed very favourably by the Amarrians or Caldari due to a lot of Minmatar agent work I did many years ago (they don’t forget such things), and I didn’t see the need to fight for the Gallanteans, so the Minmatar Republic it would be. Enrolling Intercision into the Tribal Liberation Force alliance was easy enough, and I had 24 hours before the corp was allowed to fire upon the Amarrian  24th Imperial Crusade alliance. I quickly went to get my Mastodon from Agil stuffed to the brim with ships and mods.

Having an empty corp channel and no alliance channel was a bit weird, but also quite pleasing. I was charting my own course once more. I departed from my lowsec base in Metropolis in a Rupture cruiser to get to know the area. Cheap but also tough, it was a sensible choice when foraying into the unknown. Having operated in Providence at the height of the ProviBloc’s efforts to kill every red they could with huge gatecamps, lowsec didn’t really hold any fear for me. No bubbles in lowsec takes a lot of the hard work out of moving around.

Consulting the map, I saw a nearby system, Orfrold, was contested. So, I flew over there, and quickly found a complex that the Amarrian loyalists had captured. As soon as I warped to it, it appeared on the overview for everyone to see, which made me very twitchy. An acceleration gate pushed me into the plex, which was empty. So far, so good. I found the Bunker that I had to regain control of by interfacing with it’s electronics and hacking it. It would take 15 minutes, and I couldn’t stray outside of 15km during this time or it would all reset. I set orbit for 10km.

Directional scan showed nothing much, local had a few neutrals, but they were minding their own business. The timer counted down for 10 minutes with a monotony of checking my scanner and watching local. A pirate jumped in, and a new mark appeared on scan- a Crow. It would be able to access the plex, lets see if he pokes his nose in…

Sure enough, he appeared, 45km from me. His speed bloomed to approx 3.5km/s and he raced toward me- OK, it was going to be like that. He locked me, I locked him, launched my Warrior IIs and intended to wait until he aggressed me…but as soon as I had thought it, my HUD showed:

[ 2010.06.06 17:15:36 ] (notify) Denna Black [R-SYN](Crow) has started trying to warp
scramble you!

Good enough. I sent my drones into attack and opened up with my 425mm autocannons. His MWD was still on, so he was easy to hit as he settled into a 20km orbit

[ 2010.06.06 17:15:40 ] (combat) Your group of 425mm AutoCannon II barely scratches
Denna Black [R-SYN](Crow), causing 275.9 damage.

I was in untested territory here, I’d never used 425mm cannons much, the Vagabond was always better suited to 220mm, and I’d used them briefly on a Rapier with mixed results. However, every volley was landing on target, the Crow pilot tried to get away and put some range between us, but it was too late. With my Warriors chewing on him, and the long reach of the 425s, it was enough.

The remaining 5 minutes was uneventful, and the plex was captured.

I spent a while roaming around the systems around there, gauging the 24th Imperial Crusade numbers and activity, making mental notes and reading militia intel and chat. It was a very different world, but one I think I’d like, especially when I had some fleet mates.

[ 2010.06.06 17:15:36 ] (notify) Denna Black [R-SYN](Crow) has started
trying to warp scramble you!

~ by Ombey on June 6, 2010.

6 Responses to “Intercision”

  1. Intercision first kill ! \o/

    Ive never managed to track anything with 425mm.
    Ill be joining tonight with Wot and rest follwos.

  2. Hey good luck to you and all your future Circumcision corp-mates. Er… Intercision. Yeah, good luck with that.

  3. Well gratz then. I knew the reset that .-A-. did woudlmove things around, sad to see you go to FW, as I have 0 desire to dothat but best of luck anyways bro, may your guns always track, your ammo never run out and your hull always remain intact!

  4. Thanks. I had already gone when -A- reset, but it wouldn’t have had anything to do with my decision. Good luck to you too o>

  5. Wotlankor too? We’re losing some good pilots. Gratz on the new Corp and keep us updated on FW. Was there prior to U’K. It would be interesting to hear about it from a seasoned null sec pilot.

  6. @Manasi
    As Ombey said this desision was reached before and im not sure the reset will have any impact on UK anyway.

    Well so far im enjouying it.

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