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Time for a change…

With no small amount of regret, I gazed at the 9UY outpost as I undocked in Varuna, my Nidhoggur class carrier. No-one had truly expected Ushra’Khan to be back in the station so unexpectedly, but life is funny like that.

Varuna‘s hold was stuffed with ships and modules, and what wasn’t in there was already safely in Empire space in a Mastodon that I’d taken out earlier. I locked onto the very distant cynosural signature and with a last look at 9UY’s sun, I engaged the jump drive.

In a heartbeat, the huge ship arrived in a lowsec empire system, and to my relief was sat within docking range of the station there, and not too close either, which would’ve resulted in my ship being flung away at some speed. Not a very clever thing to happen. The pilot who created the cyno field was to be commended.

It was time for a change. Ushra’Khan had been an excellent 18 months, my brothers and sisters in the many corps that made up the alliance were solid fighters, but I had got the itch. Things in the alliance had been less than harmonious as of late, almost as if achieving their goal of ridding Providence (if only temporarily, who knows) of CVA had sown a seed of dischord. I wish them well in their path of keeping Providence clean of CVA and allies, but it’s time for me to try something else in New Eden. The universe is once again my oyster.

I docked Varuna after uneventfully babysitting the cyno pilot’s ship, and once I was clean again from pod fluid, I found a bar in the rather quiet station and sat down to make some plans and some calls…

[OOC- edit - I wanted to say thanks to everyone who's posted on a farewell thread I understand has been made on the U'K forums. My forum access has (quite rightly) been yanked so I can't read them, but most have been relayed to me. I hope to fly again with some of you <3 ]

~ by Ombey on June 1, 2010.

19 Responses to “Time for a change…”

  1. Thanks for the great joy of flying with you, Ombey! Hope to see you in fleets again when you found out that space is the same everywhere but friends are rare! (UK FIST)

  2. I’m always interested at what turns in the path through New Eden others will take. Looking forward to reading all about your new adventures–whatever they are! ♥

  3. Good luck man, where ever you may choose to fly next.

  4. Good luck mate, I hope I have the pleasure of flying with you soon, until then fly safe o/

  5. Good luck and hope to see you back in New Provi soon. It’s in your blood so I have no doubt it will happen :)

  6. Be well, fly safe and good hunting.

  7. Sad to see ye go, hope you find what you are looking for, or.. rather not find it and come back instead ;)

  8. Sometimes victory can be as hard on an alliance as losing. The enemy holds us together, makes us put aside grudges for the greater good. When the enemy’s defeated, that’s when the cracks begin to show.

  9. Good luck Ombey, enjoy the change of pace – you will always guide me in my travels :)

  10. Thanks, I will miss you all for sure :) Time to look at New Eden from a different angle!

  11. it was an honour to fly with you, a cartographer and a gentlemen :)

  12. Good Luck Ombey, take care out there :)

  13. Was an honour and a pleasure flying with you Ombey…all the welsh crew wish ya well in your travels…..fly safe warrior….and good luck.

  14. All the best Ombey – you’ll be sorely missed.

  15. Good luck in your travels man. o7

  16. I know there are several CVA folks who have enjoyed reading your views, even if you are an evil terrorist! Good luck wherever you go!

  17. Much <3 to the U'K crew and O> to the CVA peeps- you are honourable fighters!

  18. Sad day indeed :9 You will be missed but never forgotten.

    Take care mate and fly safe!

  19. Take care Ombey :)

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