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iHub battle in MH9

We waited patiently, sat near the Titan in 9UY that would bridge us into another fight. This time, it was in Paxton Federation space, they were going to be evicted. An infrastructure hub was due to exit it’s first reinforced timer, and we were going to speed along the second timer.

I had long since been won over to the utility of Amarrian battleships in fleet battles, instant crystal change and ammo-less turrets were a boon. The alliance had a standard Armageddon setup, so I had procured one and fitted it accordingly. It was more cumbersome than it’s sister, the Apocalypse, but it was set up for Remote Repair and had a lot of armour plating.

The Titan finally bridged us all into 2-TEG and we jumped into MH9, our target system. We had a fight straightaway, as PXF/ CVA warped to the gate at range with their snipers, and their support landed amongst us. Bubbles from both sides went up, their shimmery veils obscuring vision.

The rest of the fight is a blur of small battles all over the system. We appeared to be winning the battles, but PXF/ CVA would simply reship and rejoin. We’d shoot the iHub for a bit, then break off to defend ourselves or warp to a distant fleet member who had a good warp in on their snipers.

Our support were going for it, and the enemy had brought a lot of Battlecruisers which were being shredded. When the BS had no targets, they would quickly primary a BC or two. They went down under a withering hale of munitions. During one such battle, I got lit up as a primary, and was in trouble until the Remote Reps of my comrades saved me. The enemy then withdrew, but in our next contact I was once again primaried. This time, my armour buckled quickly as my shields hadn’t had time to properly recharge themselves, and although I was being repped, I went down.

I slowboated my pod out of the many (oh so many) bubbles, expecting to be destroyed any second and wake up spluttering in a new clone, but I got out. Pend Insurance happily coughed up for the BS’s value and then some, so I recouped about 50% (those trimarks are pricey!)

The fight goes on- the iHub was reinforced for the second and final time and we finish the job tonight. Enough time for me to decide whether to bring another BS or go for a change of pace and fly support.

Last night’s ship tally, according to our killboard’s battle report was 181:26 in our favour, although accuracy of any single KB view is always prone to mis-interpretation.

~ by Ombey on May 12, 2010.

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  1. Nice write-up.

    Good times yesterday during the op. First time I’ve gone along on a big one.

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