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A narrow escape

I was in my Vagabond, pootling around our space. It was quiet…too quiet. Our intel channel was as silent as a sulky child. I was beginning to get bored, so headed to HED where there was normally something going on.

The Jump Bridge link spat me out in the HED system by the paired JB there. I aligned and selected one of my Keberz gate nav bookmarks and entered warp. Local was about 50% red, around 25 ships in total. As usual, it was mainly BricK sQuAD, who seemed to love HED and the combat it offered. Indeed, over the past month they had put up many Sov Blockade Units, which had all been shot down, but they were keeping up pressure on -A- and AAAC with SBUs and kills.

As I landed on the gate, it was camped by BricK, so I aligned out at speed and cloaked to observe….and to my horror, saw a Hurricane and Dramiel warp to my position. Oh crap. At the time, I thought they got lucky with one of their bookmarks, but now I realise they likely had a covops near with probes ready to go, and scanned me very quickly.

I held my breath to see where they’d land and if it would cause my cloak to fail… they landed on top of me and it did (I usually pulse MWD before I cloak as a matter of course, just didn’t this time, bah!). I lit my MWD to get me out of range of the Hurricane which was likely to be scram fitted and immediately overheated it. I was taking damage from a Drake (I think) and the Hurri, and my shields were at 75% within seconds. However, I quickly burned out of range of most of the damage, but I knew I couldn’t outrun the Dramiel. It was disrupting my warp drives, but fortunately didn’t have a scram fitted.

My Warrior IIs were out but I wasn’t able to lock the Dramiel as they had a Falcon on the gate jamming me. I knew I wasn’t able to shake the Dram, and my only way out of this was get out of range of the Falcon. He was MWD’ing toward me at 1100m/s so I would outrun him eventually. Of course, the trouble with putting distance between myself and the Falcon is that once I was 150km away from the rest of the ships I had outrun, they could warp to the Dramiel again, and once again apply damage.

The Falcon missed a cycle, and I was able to lock and put drones on him before I got jammed again seconds later (drones were more important than guns at that point), so they’d attack him regardless. I was into 25% shields and my cap was dry so MWD dropped. The Falcon still wasn’t far enough away. A Tempest had warped to the Dramiel, and as my MWD was now off, landed within 7km. I really hoped he wasn’t neut fitted or I’d be sucked dry and have to rely on non MWD speed until I got out of his range which would be problematic if he ran his MWD.

I was thinking this wasn’t going to end well, and wondering how it would have gone had I not been jammed. I’d have had time to practice manoeuvring to lower the Dram’s transversal. I managed to get enough cap to pulse my MWD…

Suddenly, Lady Luck smiled, and we hit a spatial anomaly- our targetting systems were fried, his lock dropped, my warp drive became active and I quickly warped out [OOC- I had gone off grid. Not sure why the Dram didn't keep with me or why we became invisible to each other as we were within 5000m].

Lesson learned, and very good move by BricK sQuAD.

~ by Ombey on May 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “A narrow escape”

  1. Very instructive example of maintaining situational awareness and continuing to respond appropriately while never giving up hope! My situational awareness skills tend to be far more “OMFG OH SHIT!” than the analytical expertise you display in this story. I need to work on that LOL.

  2. LOL, I am usually “OMFG OH SHIT” too, generally forgetting to overheat, but this time I was calmer than usual… not sure why!

  3. wow talk about luck and being fucked, lol if it wasnt for the jammer i think u wud have had much better possibilities as that was your issue vs the dramiel,

  4. I can imagine how angry that DRamiel Pilot must’ve been. I bet he used up most of his NAnite Repair Paste only to catch you :)

    I took a few Trips back to Provi the last Days in Anticipation of the Final Assault on Paxton Federation and intended to watch and learn, but sadly enough most interesting Fights happen when i am occupied elsewhere. I hope you will all enjoy a few Good Battles, although i am afraid that it will come down to an overnight Steamroll in 3 Days from now.

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