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Always respect your Mom


Hmm? I was sleeping in my pod, the ship powered down and resting. Had I dreamt the voice calling my name?

“Ombey, you there?” I hadn’t dreamt it. Sounded like Sapphrine.

“Yes Sapph, here.” I responded “What’s up?”

“We got a Sylph Aeon, Rhea and Chimera anchoring a large tower in N-8BZ6. Going to take them down, have notified -A- who are up for it- they have a Dread fleet assembled for another op, but they are always up for a Mothership kill” he explained.

“OK, I’ll be right there….in….” I consulted my NavComp, “….8 jumps”.

Broke comms, powered up the Vagabond, scrambling the crew and explaining what was afoot. As I arrived in CB4 after an uneventful journey, I went to a safespot to wait. Another U’K pilot appeared in local- he wasn’t in our fleet, so I hailed Tarac Nor and gave him a heads up on what was going on. He was in a Bomber, and more than ready for the fight. From comms I could hear that Sapphrine was in a Bomber too, and he’d just watched the Aeon Mothership and Chimera warp away from the POS. This wasn’t good, as our cyno ship had just arrived in system, so Tarac and I jumped in to shoot the anchored Large POS. We joined Sapph and Lord Makk in his Cerb and started to make small scratches on the POS shield.

Suddenly, the Aeon warps back in and releases a swarm of fighters. Immediately I lock the Aeon and tuck myself into an orbit, instructing my drones to attack. The Chimera warps in and lands on top of the Aeon. I am targetted by the Firbolg fighters, but most are missing me. Each one that hits, hits hard, so I pulse my MWD to present a faster target. A cyno goes up and in come the large -A- fleet, the Dreadnoughts appearing like massive Grim Reapers. A Dragonfly fighter lands a huge hit on me, my shields finally collapse and I warp out to shake them off.

I warp back in to the POS, and re-acquire the two doomed capitals. They are under intense fire from the amassed Dreads who are by now in full on siege-mode, and I can see the Aeon is going down very quickly. I put a scramble on the Chimera even though the whole area around the POS is littered with interdiction bubbles, and as the Aeon breaks up in a huge explosion, scattering escape pods and drones everywhere, I put my guns and drones on the Chimera.

The stricken carrier lasts 35 seconds after the Aeon exploded, and it joins it’s bigger cousin in capital ship heaven. Much rejoicing all around, the POS is fired upon until the Dreads exit siege mode, then they have to leave as they have other business to take care of. The area is littered with inert drones and fighters- so many fighters. Each fighter is worth 10m ISK, and there’s about 30 of them. Unfortunately, they are all double the size of frigates so there’s no option but to destroy them to avoid them falling back into Sylph’s hands. Myself and Tarac take care of that sad business, then withdraw.

We lost a Covert Ops in that operation, the one who fired up the cyno and was rendered immobile for the duration. Another turn of the screw for the ailing Sylph Alliance.

~ by Ombey on August 8, 2009.

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  1. I envy 0.0 pilots because of engagements like this, awesome read, awesome stuff. Beautiful screenshots as always mate!

  2. Thanks. Come out and join us then :)

  3. <3 you Ombey.

  4. YAY im in this blog entry!

    Very nice writeup ombey as always.


  5. Great post and superb screen shots. Congrats on the kills. Sure looks like fun.

  6. very nice read, congrats on the MS kill =)

  7. Great read Ombey!

  8. Thanks all :)

  9. Nom nom nom, I ate this summary up!

  10. [...] They’ve been having trouble keeping their stations fueled, which has led to some crazy heists of their offlined hangars. To keep the pressure on their logistics system, we’ve been camping their ice asteroid belts (the source of station fuel). So I’ve been leaving a computer logged on with my character hanging out in a cloaked stealth bomber above one of their ice belts, keeping an eye on it as I go about my other business, driving off any attempts to mine with a few torpedo volleys. It is quite amusing for me, and I’m sure equally annoying to them. I did notice a lot of extra pilots in system on Saturday, the 10th wedding anniversary for Jennifer and me and thus not a big gaming day, and later discovered that some extreme mayhem was going down. [...]

  11. Very good one of the dread !

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