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The wars so far…

Further to our Sylph WarDec of a few days ago, Goonswarm decided to ‘dec us. They had finished with Kenzoku (used to be Band of Brothers), and Kenzoku had withdrawn to Empire to decide their next move. You need to keep 5426 pilots occupied, and they ‘decced a few other alliances beside us. Just to complete the trinity, we decced Fidelis Constans (FCON), another Providence dweller under CVA’s protective umbrella.

The wars have gone well, our killboard shows a healthy ratio of ISK killed to ISK lost. Sometimes Sylph and FCON team up with a large fleet and come into Empire where they can legally shoot us, but we are used to avoiding large fleets and have eyes all over the place, so losses have been minimal to these large fleets.

As for Goonswarm, we have lost more ships than killed at the moment, but have killed more in ISK. I suspect this is due to us using T1 ships against T2 ships in those instances. Goonswarm have a lot on their plate at the moment with empire wars, so we aren’t seeing a lot of them unless we venture down to Agil, or other trade hubs.

I have been ship loss free, until yesterday when I lost my Taranis. I try not to get attached to ships, but this ‘ranis had been involved in a lot of kills over the week. At least it went down fighting.

I had just been made aware of a Typhoon and Rapier in Shintaht on the H6- gate, by Rye Contini. He had scuffled with them but got away. He would warp back and make them engage him while we mustered in H6. There wasn’t many of us, and we were mainly in small ships. While we gathered a handful of ships, a Typhoon and Arbitrator joined the Rapier. We could still take them providing we took the Rapier out quick-sharp. They aggressed Rye, we jumped in. Conlin was in a Rapier also, so if I did get webbed, I’d MWD like hell- the Rapier would be webbed in return and I’d manage to burn out of his range before I died (hopefully!).

Shintaht appeared to me, I wasted no time getting into close orbit on the Rapier, ejecting drones and laying into him, afterburner blazing…waiting for the webs. The Arbitrator jumped out, but the Typhoon weighed in with his drones. The Rapier’s shields collapsed and he went down very quickly to the torpedoes of the SBs we had with us, and we quickly switched to the Typhoon, allowing the Rapier’s pod to escape.

It seems that Rye was soaking up most of the incoming fire in his Jaguar, including from the Sanshas on the gate. The overview showed a bomb launched, which confused me momentarily, then I realised it was one of ours- uh oh. “BOMB BOMB BOMB” I shouted over comms, but I knew I’d be OK. My AB was on, not MWD, so my speed was high and I’m a small target…. it still wiped my shields out. I saw a blue flash, and my heart sank- it was Rye’s Jaguar. The small damage he took from the bomb was enough to finish off his smashed up ship.

The Typhoon had taken full damage from the bomb, buckling his armour and the ship’s reactor went up in a massive explosion . The bomber pilot apologised profusely, he hadn’t meant to fire off the bomb. He settled things with Rye via a quick ISK transfer.

The gang spread out, and I made my way back to Y-M where most of the action generally was. As I materialised in Y-M, there was a Malediction on the gate, quickly joined by a Jaguar. OK, I can take the Mala quickly, then i’ll see what happens with the Jag. The Mala was only 10km away, so I decloaked, orbitted and scrammed, drones and guns. He was getting chewed up immediately, but then a Rapier either decloaked or warped in… followed by another. I was webbed to a crawl. Oh crap. OK, I was going down, but I’d try to take the Mala with me. It went into structure as I (again) forgot to overheat my guns, but then my ship was shot out from under me. I quickly got my pod out to the Kari gate and into Esa.

Time for a new Taranis… or maybe something else…

~ by Ombey on June 24, 2009.

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  1. Sounds like a good couple of fights ^_^ Better to watch a ship die fighting than trapped and helpless *cough*ecm*cough*

  2. Getting attached to a Taranis is the worst thing you can do… they are the king of suicide ships. The best thing you could do is to make a couple hauls and put like 100 Taranai in your holds so you can just grab a new one every time your current one gets popped :) My favorite ship ever.

  3. Yes Shae, indeed. It seems that the Falcon is a rare old beast in upper Providence these days. We don’t seem to use them much and neither to the ProviBloc. Makes for good fights tbh :)

    And Spectre, you speak the truth! I am getting a load shipped up with different fittings to keep me excited!!

  4. I was focusing almost only on the damage you were doing to me, and escaped perfectly in time with 3% armor left.

    (p.s. I has ur stuff :)

  5. Well, I didn’t drop much of value, so I’m very pleased for you :P

  6. “Just to complete the trinity, we decced Fidelis Constans (FCON), another Providence dweller under CVA’s protective umbrella.

    The wars have gone well, our killboard shows a healthy ratio of ISK killed to ISK lost. ”

    Might want to check those stats again, Ombey. as of today, U’K has lost 171 ships / 5.05 bil isk to FCON, whereas FCON has lost 198 ships/ 5.05 bil isk to U’K. As of 5 days ago, U’K had double the kills FCON had, so we have been climbing steadily on U’K as far as kills. This is based on the war dec period only, not overall, but still it is an indicator of how the war progresses

  7. To be honest, they were correct at the time, and thus my comment stands. I do acknowledge that KB ISK values are never really correct, no KB admin wants to go through so many values and update every one, so it’ll always be a very approximate figure.

    Trouble is, our KB shows different figures to yours: http://ushrakhan.com/alliance/edk/?a=cc_detail&ctr_id=173 . Now our kills and losses are all API fetched (with maybe the exception of one or two new corps which we are trying to sort, but the culture is to post all losses), so there is an accurate picture. They show 218 Ships killed (6.02B ISK) || 175 Ships lost (5.64B ISK). That is our clear indicator of how one of our wars progresses.

  8. o/ Lupus…
    You can now compare your KB to ours and see who…forgets ?… to post losses.

  9. Just check up on the kills and a shitload of the losses on out side was a unrelated Drake OP.
    Where 40 UK take on more than double our numbers.

    So for the actual war progress we are doing fine.
    And you have to admit the drake OP was fun for all sides :D

    However the losses we have there are around 1-1,3 bill isk but that is counted towards all our campaigns. So every Providence dweller got a + of 1 bill out of that fight.
    That is how KBs work.

  10. the usual storry with KB stats:
    a mixed fleet of cva paxton sylp severance fcon engage a uk fleet,
    your fleet loses 15 ships (just one from fcon)ours loses 10 ships.
    you look at the stats and say we killed 10 and lost one, we won.
    all our loses are counted on all your killboards but your killboards show only the losses of your own alliance.
    comparing kb stats work only if its just the 2 oponents without any mixed fleets. thats why any kb kill statistics are to be taken not so serious.
    to find out how the war goes u have to look verry close and analyse carefully else u get blinded by mass double counting witch is no bug but a basic flaw of the mecanic if more than one alliance fight on each side

  11. Also when talking killboard epeen, it needs be considered that each alliance within and mixed alliance gang with dereive greater stats from that mixed gang than teh single alllianc eit faces.

    How many FCON kills on UK are FCON alone and therefore can FCON claim full credit?

    Still kudos for bringing it, no one is trying to talk you down, just keep it reasonably accurate.

  12. Our stats for the campaign which combines all our war decced allies so you only get to credit kills once even if multiple allied enemies appear on it are:

    2009-06-18 Kills: 643 Isk(B): 18.20 Losses: 352 Isk(B):10.43

    /me waves epeen and departs

  13. And for gods sake can’t you make more SSI participate ?
    I just love them ! (No, Karn you cant have em all!)

    [07:28:03] B Plague > thats right, nighthawks ROCK!
    [07:48:00] *POP*

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