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Scuffles and blobs

It’s been a busy week or so in Catch and the surrounds. I haven’t updated this journal very much as there has been hardly anything meaty to write about. It’s either minor scuffles or major blobs.

It seems that there are a lot more people around, both blues and reds, and that things are becoming more crowded. As space is a round the clock endeavour, pilots sleep when they like. Having said that, there is a period when hunting is much better, and less busy, and other times when everyone seems to be awake and spoiling for a fight. You adjust your sleep patterns, so does everyone else, and the same problem occurs. So most people don’t bother.

A typical example was a few nights ago when we all formed up a 40 man gang, half support, half BS, and went to find a fight. While we waited at a Jump Bridge (and I snapped the photo to the left), I was finding it quite nice to be in my Tempest again after so long. Support had jumped through the JB and was trying to find a fight. All they found was nothing much.

After an hour, we stood down and switched out ships to smaller cruiser hulls, then went for a roam. We got one kill. Weird. But life’s like that sometimes.

Yesterday I took my Vagabond for a spin up into Providence during one of the “quiet” times, entering through the usually camped D-G system. Jumping into a camp in a Vaga with a MWD and cloak is usually no big deal if you keep your head. In this instance -A- had a large gang in there, so the locals had scuttled away. After roaming around but not being to catch anyone, I made my way back to D-G which by now had a heavy enemy presence. I warped to a safespot near the F9E gate (the Catch entry system), and sure enough there were some ships camping the gate. A bigger problem was that the gate was now bubbled with medium and small bubbles. This meant drag bubbles, and was bad news.

I mentally kicked myself for not making 400km off the gate bookmarks when I came through earlier- with those, you can easily dodge drag bubbles. Lesson learned. I turned around and came back through Sylph space. All was quiet until I jumped into a system and found a Sylph Curse and Hawk on the gate. Curse HACs are death to a Vaga, they can neut them very easily at a range of up to 40km. No MWD means no disengaging if things don’t go your way. I warped off before they could lock me. All that I was aligned to was a planet, so I went there, then to a safespot near my out-gate and cloaked.

As there were only 2 gates in system, it was pretty obvious where I was headed, and sure enough, the Curse/ Hawk combo warped to the out-gate and jumped through. Within a couple of minutes, a Sev3rance (-7-) Arbitrator and Caracal went the same way. Uh huh. With JBs in the next system, they could’ve whistled up reinforcements. I waited them out, and 15 minutes later, the Curse/ Hawk jumped through so I warped to the gate.

Many jumps later, I enter -7- space, and the Cara/ Arbi pilots are there. 4 jumps on, they are again in system. Consulting my HUD map I see -7- have a JB network up/down the pipe to enable them to perform such a maneouvre. I jump into GMLH, and they follow. I would’ve fought them there, as they wouldn’t be a match for me in a Vaga I doubted, but there were two more -7- BS in system, so I jumped to 2J…. and waited on the gate.

A couple of U’K pilots were within a jump or two, so I alerted them to the situation just as the Cara/Arbi  jumped through. I attempted to tackle the Arbitrator first, but he cloaked, so I switched to the Cara but he warped just as I locked him. Dammit.

Micia in a Sabre was now in GMLH next door on the gate, so I waited on the gate. The Arbi and Cara both warped to the gate at zero and landed on it. I alerted Micia, expecting them to jump through, but they didn’t…instead, aggressing me! Again, I choose the Arbitrator, not liking pecking of drones or being tracking disrupted (TD’d), and quickly get into a 20km orbit as his shields collapse. I am not taking much damage, and filter my overview to see he has launched 2 Ogre I heavy drones. Hmm. Also, I am not being TD’d either. The Arbi goes down as a couple more U’K pilots arrive, and I despatch the pod. One down, one to go.

The Cara pilot hails in local and is friendly enough, but isn’t warping to the gate, so I get everyone to jump through into GMLH and wait there for him. We don’t have to wait long. The gate powers up and discharges a huge amount of power and light, and we have a new pilot in local channel. Bubble goes up, Caracal appears…. then cloaks. I was expecting this, so point my ship’s nose to that spot and MWD over… and *bosh* he re-appears 1000m off my hull. His fate is sealed, and his pod destroyed.

I have to hand it to the pilots attacking me in the first place. If the Arbi had TDs fitted, it could’ve been a different story. Anyway, it brought some fight into an otherwise bitty few days.

Let’s see what the next few days bring.

~ by Ombey on May 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Scuffles and blobs”

  1. Aye there aint much going on in Catch/Curse/Provi atm…
    Lots of dancing but no action.
    Found an AFK Drake at a planet and held him for 10 minutes till DPS arrived.
    Can hardly find a situtaion worth the screenshot.

  2. I love the pictures you take in battle times, they look great!

    Good tactics too.

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