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Capital Punishment

It had started off as a frustrating night, you know the type. Wrong place, wrong time, missing the fights. I had left KW- to the others to harass SSI and returned to Utopia to switch out my Kitsune for the trusty Vagabond. I decided to have a couple of hours downtime after so much time in-pod, and when I awoke, I tuned into alliance comms. It seemed there were fun and games going on in KW-, and they needed a small mobile warp disruptor bubble, which I had in my hangar. I told them I’d bring it and set off.

The pipe was quiet and made my transit easy, but I think I’d got lucky. Major Vincent who followed me up 5 minutes later had to dodge a large neutral fleet. There was about 10 of us in KW, and about 15 or so of SSI. I warped to the station, and burned past it about 70km, where I jettisoned the bubble and sent it the anchoring command. The pulsing green light on the module turned yellow to indicate it had understood and was anchoring.

KW is an unfortunate system to pick for an outpost- it’s small, and from a certain spot in space, you can have everything in the system on ship scan. Also, the gates are right on top of each other, making it easy to anchor a bubble in the right place to drag ships out of landing on the station, to land on your bubble instead. Major also brought a bubble, so after some debate we placed both bubbles next to each other, as it seemed one bubble wouldn’t drag traffic warping from both gates, only one.

After two minutes, the bubble was anchored and shimmered into life, sunlight glimmering off the hypnotic sheen…very hypnotic. SSI undocked and redocked a couple of battleships, a Rapier got dragged into the bubble and decloaked, but managed to get away quickly as most of us were at the station and cloaking devices somehow degrade the targetting systems meaning our lock times were slow. After a bit of footsy, SSI undock an Abaddon, Myrmidon, Hurricane and Rokh and the fight was on. I burn over from the bubbles to the undock point, MWD blazing, lock the Abaddon which was called primary and ….. oh crap…. I have forgotten to replenish my drones from the last time I used the Vaga.

We have 16 people now (2 Manticore, 2 Muninn, 2 Vagabond, 3 Hound, Pilgrim, Dominix, Deimos, 2 Rapier, Abaddon, Falcon), pounding on the Abaddon. I don’t like fighting at station undock points in ships that rely on speed, as you end up bumping off the station’s shields, but keep the ship away from the station as much as possible. The Abaddon went down fighting, and the Concord logs showed he had two of the less common armour resistance modules fitted- one was worth 100m, the other 80m! Of course, both were destroyed in the explosion, naturally.

The Myrmidon and Hurricane go down very quickly, the Hurricane was carrying 13k rounds of faction ammunition, which didn’t survive either. Meh. We return to our cloaked states, some around the undock point, some by the bubbles. A scout reports a Drake about to jump into the system, so I stay in case he evades them at the gate and ends up in our bubbles. However, he doesn’t and is made short work of. I warp to the Drake once I hear he is ensnared, in time to see the blue flash.

So, I warp back to the bubbles- as I come out of warp, I see SSI have undocked a couple of BS and a Moros. A MOROS?! A dreadnought? I report this to the gang, but mid-sentence, a Thanatos carrier appears on my HUD. They’ve undocked a Thanatos too? No… the Thanatos moves up my overview in jumps as it gets nearer and almost collides with my ship as it ends up at the edge of the bubbles. Holy crap!!

“Thanatos!! Caught in the bubbles, get here now” I report frantically on comms. The carrier pilot was Jhullienne Verte, whose name rang a bell. While I MWD’d into a 20km orbit and put a scrambler on the Thanatos, my implant searched and quickly confirmed that Jhullienne Verte had lost a Thantos to Ushra’Khan five days ago. I was concerned about the Thanny’s fighters, but she never launched them, and within 30 seconds the rest of the gang had arrived.

The carrier was swiftly webbed, further scrambled and now facing the brunt of our firepower as we called on Alliance and Allied comms for anyone and everyone to get here pronto. Concerned about SSI’s response, we kept a beady eye on the station, but the Moros, Rokh and Drake that were there didn’t appear to be doing much.

Wishing I had some drones, I poured the fire onto the Carrier, my autocannons chattering as they unleashed 220mm of white hot Barrage munitions at high velocity. Reloading, refiring, the space was thick with ships swarming the Thanatos. My guns stop suddenly and I get this message: [ 2009.01.17 00:02:30 ] (notify) Auto Reload failed, cause there was no ammo found of same type. Oh no, please no…. I call up my cargo bay.. and find I have a measly 400 rounds of Republic Fleet EMP ammo. OK, that’ll have to do, I command that to be loaded into the hungry, waiting Vulcan cannons. The comforting shudder of the firing guns appears again, but the Carrier is now into low armour and I overheat the Vulcans to pour on the extra bit of damage, and soon the Thanatos disappears in a massive explosion that causes the external cameras to dim automatically.

Cheers go up over comms briefly, until the FC realises the Moros is inexplicably outside docking range of the station, and we set upon it like a pack of hungry dogs. I expend the last of my ammo as a Rokh is called primary once we make sure the Moros stuck like a fly in amber.

Desperately, I look around the battlefield, zoomed out on the external cams, hoping I can pick up some drones as we haven’t killed any ships that would use the right size ammunition. Ah, what’s that, a Wasp T1 drone… a heavy drone. Apart from inert fighters from the dead Thanatos, the Wasp is all I have to pick up. I zoom across the 70km as local channel is spiking with AAA arriving- they have heard of the carrier and dreadnought and were in the area. I instruct the nanites to repair my heat damaged guns, a job they complete quite quickly.

I quickly scoop and reprogramme the Wasp drone, it’s massive bulk completely filling up my drone bay, and burn back to the doomed Moros, and unleash the full fury of my T1 drone. Feeling a little useless, I took in the scene as AAA started arriving, hit the small bubbles, acquiring the Moros and engaging it. I noticed the Moros pilot was the same guy that had lost the Abaddon with the nice modules on- Kelban Kevar. As soon as AAA arrive, it’s all over pretty much, the Moros ripped apart with a huge explosion.

With all the bad timing/ lack of local awareness/ blind courage (delete as applicable), an SSI pilot MCHammerdad undocks in a Megathron and gets insta-popped by 52 ships lighting him up. I have never seen a Battleship getting insta-popped by conventional weapons like that, and it’s an awesome sight.

The fight was over. Kelban Kevar had lost approximately three billion with those two ships alone, the Thanatos pilot, Jhullienne Verte, had lost about 1.5bn worth this time and probably the same five days ago. We had no losses, but given we had numerical superiority, this was hardly a surprise. Anyway, we scooped what loot we could, and destroyed the fighters that we couldn’t carry. What a night!

~ by Ombey on January 17, 2009.

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  1. I was eagerly awaiting your report ombey, im finding myself looking forward to your posts.

  2. ARGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I logged 30 min before…

  3. “and unleash the full fury of my T1 drone.” – made me chuckle :P
    Haha! Good old MCHammerdad, surprised he undocked a Mega, i thought he was a strict drone-boy.

    Very entertaining read, Cheers!

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  5. Shame i =another epic fight i mis deu to the flu.
    Great work though

  6. Nice write up.
    That Moros fit is… Special to say the least.

  7. Congrats on getting in on the good kills.

  8. Wee!

  9. Hmm.. on the Moros kill there are 1 scorp and 6 falcons. That kinda redefines permajam. lol

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