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[OOC] Planetside

Ahh, Planetside. The very mention of the game makes many of us go all misty-eyed and ‘rose tinted spectacles’-like.

Planetside was the first MMORPG I played and boy did I love it to death. I had the good fortune to play in the good ole days before BFRs came along and upset the game balance for months to come, as the Devs struggled to quell the whines, then over-balance the other way.

The epic battles for bridges, the ability to fly fighters, gunships, bombers and transports (or to crew them), the many different weapons and vehicles. It was absolute fun in a bottle.

The reason I mention it is that a great article looking back on PS has been written here. It similarly looks back at the fun times.

I stopped playing PS, not so much because of the BFRs, although they did change the face of the game irrepairably (IMO), but because the population was dwindling and finding a decent battle was hard. I’ve not really gone back since, but I am wondering what it’s like now. The forums don’t really give much away, apart from server merges to improve low population (there were seperate servers for Europe, East and West Coast US). I think Werner, the European server, got shafted somehow as there are a lot of moans about Werner players and the inability to transfer characters to other servers. I dunno what that’s all about though.

SOE had a great game, but lack of promotion and bungled balancing led a lot of people to leave. Shame :(

/ChangoMutney, BR23 CR3 NC Werner

~ by Ombey on September 11, 2008.

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  1. No idea why I’m awake at this time of night (morning). Anyways, toward the end of this entry, you mention lack of promotion contributing to a great game falling off – until I discovered EVE, I’d never heard of Planetside at all. Same for Elite, Jumpgate and others that I’ve heard EVE players remember fondly, and it makes me sad to have missed out on all that fun. I hate to think that I almost never heard of EVE! I found it accidentally through a banner add on a World of Warcraft infosite called WoWhead, and I never look at advertisements! I wonder what future MMO will have us looking back fondly at EVE and lamenting that CCP’s poor game balancing decisions threw the entire thing out of whack hehe

  2. Yeah, seems odd to me that with Sony’s muscle and money, they couldn’t throw SOE a few quid to advertise it.

    Having seen EA’s marketing for Spore (TV ads), I was wondering what a TV spot for Eve would do… blow up the Tranquility servers no doubt!!

  3. SOE probably hoped PlanetSide would sell itself. It was a unique game, created by Verant, who had made EverQuest of course, and the big FPS hits like Counter-Strike had grown through word-of-mouth.
    In the end people just can’t relate as much to sci-fi as they can to WWII and the conflicts we see on the news. Had PlanetSide been given a BF2 setting, I’m sure marketing would never have been an issue… nor would those sucky BFRs.

  4. Yes, I think you’re right. A WW2 or even modern day setting for PS would’ve been excellent, but I guess they also bring their own issues.

  5. What a coincidence! Planetside was my first MMO as well. Played in the closed beta and played live to BR20 CR5 until a couple months after Core Combat came in.

    Thank goodness i never witnessed the atrocity that was BFR’s introduced.

    Lot of great memories in that game for me.

  6. EVE actually has been advertised on the scifi channel on tv here in america.

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